Sears Credit Card Agreement

Sears offers two consumer credit cards for the typical customer: the Sears Card® and the Shop Your Way Mastercard®. These cards are for people who buy a lot from Sears and often spend a lot of money there. However, these cards are not useful for most Sears buyers, as you have to spend a lot of money both to access the most useful rewards and financing offers. But they don`t have an annual fee, as long as you avoid interest, they could be quite useful. The Shop Your Way Mastercard can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, which is just about anywhere. If you spend that much, these cards could save you a good deal of the money. This 5% discount adds up a lot for big purchases of hundreds of dollars. Not a big Sears fan? Look at a few options from other department stores and retailers, including cards that you can use anywhere you want. This card does not limit you at all. You could use it at Sears or elsewhere and get the money back. This package and the flexibility it offers is the most attractive part of this card, but you also get a nice balance transfer offer. We gave the two 3 out of 5 star cards because they are not a bad option for Sears` big spend.

They have very high prices and do not offer many additional benefits. But if you tend to spend a lot at Sears, these cards could save you a lot in the end or just give you more time to shop. .