Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Azure Benefits

You still have access to default support for 12 months after your next birthday. For more information on the benefits of standard support, click here. It turns out that the minimum of Azure Enterprise bonds is very low. For each of the three years of the agreement, you must make a prior money commitment with a minimum order value of a “Monetary Commitment SKU” of USD 100 per month (USD 1200/year). That little engagement makes sense: once a company is on a cloud platform, it`s sticky – country and expansion is the name of the game for Azure, AWS, and Google. They expect the infrastructure to grow far beyond the minimum and only have to have one foot in the door. And of course, the starting point in the cloud must be much cheaper and more flexible than on the Prem infrastructure. There are more and more licensing and subscription optimization challenges that need to be addressed in transactions with Microsoft, as well as new costs, flexibility, and licensing/subscription opportunities that you can take advantage of. As Microsoft continues its metamorphosis and business budget and usage requirements change rapidly, customers should prepare for a more demanding purchasing and supplier management environment. Microsoft has a very structured hierarchy for allowing exceptions to standard prices, terms, and licenses. Sales reps and account managers have little influence on the subject and decisions end up being made at the Licensing Desk, where customer relationships and requirements matter little.

The period of 12 months is set at the date of signature and/or renewal of the contract. In a three-year contract, the number of qualified offices and users can be adjusted to each anniversary of the contract. This allows for greater flexibility to meet changing requirements. The rights of use are limited and expire at the expiry of the contract. While the provider`s cloud-based offerings may be the future of its business operations, most of Microsoft`s customers are still operational and contractually tied to online deployments….